The Skyranger Swift is the Chief Flying Instructors favourite aircraft! Its microlight design heritage is more obvious than the Eurostar or C42. It is in fact a kit built aircraft and G-GRLS was constructed over an 18 month period as a ‘build a plane project’ by girls at Beneden School in Kent - hence the registration!


The Ikarus C42 is a high wing, two seat, side by side tri gear aircraft.  The airframe is of aircraft-grade aluminium with a composite cabin and fuselage shell. This innovative, modern, two seat aeroplane is made by Comco-Ikarus in Germany.


The TeamEurostar is an all-metal, low wing aircraft designed by an approved company in the Czech Republic, Evektor-Aerotechnik. The UK CAA have given Type Approval as a ready to fly 450 kg microlight.

With a 100 mph cruise speed, delightful handling, excellent short field capability and average fuel consumption of around 11 litre/hr, this is a truly fabulous aircraft.


A real motorbike of the skies experience!

The QuikR is a Type Approved flexwing microlight produced by the UK’s leading flexwing manufacturer P and M Aviation.

The QuikR is powered by the Rotax 912S 100hp version with dual stainless steel exhausts and oil cooler as standard equipment.