The TeamEurostar is an all-metal, low wing aircraft designed by an approved company in the Czech Republic, Evektor-Aerotechnik. The UK CAA have given Type Approval as a ready to fly 450 kg microlight.

With a 100 mph cruise speed, delightful handling, excellent short field capability and average fuel consumption of around 11 litre/hr, this is a truly fabulous aircraft.

There are over 150 factory built aircraft flying in the UK. Several of these are in flying schools and several have passed the 3,000 hrs. marker.

The instrument panel includes Air Speed Indicator (ASI), Altimeter, Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI), Compass, Slip Ball, Fuel Pressure Gauge, Tachometer, Oil Pressure Gauge, Oil Temp, CHT, Voltmeter, Fuel Gauge and 2 x auxiliary power sockets. Both Kemble Flying Club aircraft have cabin heat and Garmin colour GPS and hour metres. External panels are anodised light alloy or fibreglass. The tricycle undercarriage consists of a spring noseleg and composite main legs with hydraulic disc brakes on the main wheels, operated by either pilot or passenger.

The engine is the Rotax 912UL 80hp version and the stainless steel exhaust and oil cooler is standard equipment, as is the Skydrive coolant carb heat system which protects against carb icing without any input from the pilot.  FZ has the optional 3 blade Kiev propeller fitted and the ConAir Thermostatic oil thermostat system which vastly improves warm up time and stabilises oil temperature in operation.