Chris Glover FI GR

Chris photo.jpg

Chris started gliding while at Hatfield Polytechnic in 1983 (solo at 18 after 26 launches and 5.5 hours in the air). He then continued to fly a variety of gliders eventually owning a share in a standard Libelle. Chris now has around 250 hours in gliders, has flown in a number of “club class” competitions and has flown gliders in Spain, France and Australia. In 1996, Chris gained his PPL whilst in Australia (where he lived for a year), flying C152, C172 and PA28 to various remote airfields, and, on returning home to the UK, converted this to a UK PPL and then flew a number of light aircraft including Chipmonk (glider towning), Beagle Pup and C152. 

In 2012, he came to Microlighting at Kemble Flying club – loved flying the Eurostar, and became an instructor (FIR) in 2015. Then upgraded to FI in 2017. In 2018, Chris added a GR rating to his licence (ground examiner and revalidation ratings) . His total hours are now around 1200.

Chris loves all forms of flying and enjoys teaching both in the air and on the ground. Ambitions – to become an examiner, do more maintenance , spend more time flying & instructing! 

When Chris isn’t flying, he works for IBM as a managing consultant.