Lee Galliford FI(R)


Lee Galliford is a Flying Instructor (Restricted) which means he can only fly when there is another instructor, FI, here to supervise him.  Not that Lee needs much supervision.  He completed his instructor training course in Spring 2017 and has over 150 hours experience instructing since.  He can teach in all our three axis aircraft.

Lee learned to fly in 2012 on three axis microlights and became so hooked on flying he started gliding training too.  He completed two years at Nympsfield where he additionally obtained a gliding basic aerobatic rating.  Lee then went on to get a Group A Licence.   He has been, and still is an aircraft owner.  He bought shares in his first light aircraft, a Robin HR200, in 2014 and has also been involved as a part owner with a Cessna, a Foxbat and an RV 4.  The latter, his current aircraft, is a fully aerobatic tandem machine that will cruise at 160mph!

Flying is so much in Lee’s blood he has even taken a flying holiday and not just a nice little European Cruise!   Lee completed a bush flying training course in a heavily modified Cessna 182 in Africa! He also holds a night rating.

Lee works full time for Global Aviation Training Services at Gloucester and he works for us whenever he can evenings and weekends. As a professional in the Air Traffic Services business it won’t be a surprise to know that Lee is a bit good at teaching RT  (Radio Telephony) in our dedicated simulator rooms.