First ever flight - and speechless!

First time flyer Tatiana Fernandes was truly speechless as we punched through a few little wispy bits of very low cloud yesterday to burst into the sun soaked scene above. Tatiana soon recovered her composure and quickly got to grips with manoeuvring the aircraft and flying straight, and level, and allowing for drift. Below the cloud again Tatiana flew around Westonbirt, Malmesbury, The Cotswold Water Park and Cirencester before I took control for a little engine off gliding to finish.  An amazing first ever flight for sure and well flown!  Many thanks to Dad, Anthony, who bought a Kemble Flying Club gift voucher for Tatiana’s 18th birthday. Dy



Geoff Bates First Solo

Paramotor pilot Geoff Bates made his first solo flight in the QuikR before Christmas at Kemble - and yes it was nearly dark as can bee seen from the lights in the photograph below! Very many congratulations to Geoff who travels from near Hereford to fly here at Kemble Flying Club.

IMG_6568 Geoff.JPG

Geoff said he loves flying his paramotor but wanted to broaden his horizons and aviation knowledge and skills by taking on the challenge of flying a flexwing. Geoff flew three circuits after dy jumped out of the aircraft. David said: “I thought he did really well especially as there was a fair bit of other traffic about. Its really great we have all the lights on the QuikR so when it is a bit gloomy the aircraft is really visible. Given Geoff’s travel distance and a few weather let downs he has done really brilliantly to get solo in 16 hours. Well done!”

Congratulations to David Knight – two firsts in a week!

David Knight, another Club Member who has always wanted to fly since he was boy, achieved that amazing milestone, his first solo flight, on Wednesday 10th October in the Eurostar - and in the same week completed his first ever marathon run! Two big ‘firsts’ in a week and flying involved in both activities as David flew (airline flight) to Palma for the Zafiro Palma Marathon on Mallorca on 14th October. An obviously delighted David is pictured just ater his first solo flight with flying instructor Mark Hayter and holding the ‘First Solo’ strip completed in the Control Tower.

Facilities Page.docx.jpg

First solo in G-GRLS

The first solo ever in G-GRLS was achieved on Tuesday by William Cave after just 12 hours flying instruction! Very well done Will! He has dabbled with gliding since he was 16 so that helped him make this solo date. Our rather well known aircraft, build by girls at Benadean School in Kent, has been at Kemble for nearly three months now and covered over 100 hours instructional flying already. Will, 30, of Wotton-Under-Edge is quite at home with aircraft as for the MOD he looks after engineering and certification of our fast jet aircraft fleet!


Mary-Jean Foxwell guides FZ through turn at 3000ft

Mary-Jean Foxwell, 14, guides TeamEurostar FZ through a lovely turn at 3000ft today. Her flight was thanks to dad, Jim, who outbid all at a charity auction for people in poverty. Jim has already raised over £4k for the charity and departs shortly to Romania to assist with a build barn project. With him will be Kemble flying club member, David Hutchinson who sponsored the flight today. Many thanks David!


G-GRLS gets new seats!

G_GRLS has new luxury seats meaning even 6ft 6” Joe West can fly her! Joe, an Aeronautical Engineering University student says he really likes the skyranger and prefers it to the C42 which is a theme coming from club members.