For a full overview, please read the information in the training section.

NOTE: All our charges include airport fees for take-off and landing.  Some schools omit this charge to illustrate their hourly rate at a lower fee.

Trial flights

A flight from Kemble over the glorious Cotswolds is a truly fabulous experience to remember whether as a one-off experience, a gift for someone special or a first lesson towards gaining your pilot’s licence. See the Kemble Flying Club Facebook page for images and brief news items.

We have three incredible flight experiences for you to choose from to start with, and then some more options. The three include a briefing before the flight and an opportunity to take photographs of you in the aircraft before you set off:

One hour - (30 minutes in the air) - £86

Two hours - (1 hour in the air) - £160

Half Day Land Away - (2 hours in the air & coffee/cake stop at a local airfield) - £328

Special prices available for groups – ask for details.
Includes Temporary Club Membership
Request a Trial Flight / Ask Questions here or call us!

Club members in our hire scheme fly from just £116 per hour under training and once they have a licence for as little as £66 per hour!

See ‘The MLG’ below

Half day training course

Combines a standard trial flight (30mins) and a full flying lesson (60 mins) with additional detailed introduction to microlight training and covering exercises 1 – 6 of the BMAA Syllabus thoroughly. Includes Temporary Club Membership, landing fees etc. - £286

Day training course

Extends the Half Day Training Course to a total of three hours flying with the aim of completing Phase 1 of the BMAA Syllabus exercises 1 – 9b. Includes Temporary Club Membership, landing fees etc. - £560

Training packages


Take this 10 hour ‘intro’ package as either individual lessons or as an intensive week long course.  This includes ten two hour flying slots (10 hrs flying) and the ground school as in the Day training course. We include a BMAA Syllabus, the Microlight Pilot Handbook, Pilot’s log book and a kneeboard or map case. A book of pre-flight briefing notes, student Club Membership and landing fees are included. All ongoing training is costed in relation to aircraft running costs so the flexwing is the least costly and the EV-97, (which is our fastest aircraft and most like a light aircraft) costs more to operate. 

Flexwing Quik R:      £1,695.00        Skyranger Swift   £1,740.00          Ikarus C42  £1,793.00             Eurostar, EV-97    £1,871.00     


The outstanding value ‘Pilot’ course includes the ‘Intro’ plus another 15 hours flying training to meet the 25 hour minimum requirement for the NPPL (Microlight) Licence.  Again, the training can be taken as an intensive course, or the flying lessons can be booked individually. Also included are the cost (at a 50% discount) of the five multiple choice exam papers to complete your theoretical qualifications.  

Flexwing Quik R:      £3,859.50           Skyranger Swift   £3,995.00         Ikarus C42  £4,103.75              Eurostar, EV-97    £4,298.75 

To upgrade from the Intro course to the Pilot course, the following prices apply:

Flexwing Quik R:      £2,164.50           Skyranger Swift   £2,240.00         Ikarus C42  £2,310.75             Eurostar, EV-97    £2,427.75 

Pay as you learn


A standard flying lesson is booked into a two hour slot: one hour briefing and debriefing and one hour flying. Everything is provided for you. The briefing time and landing fees are all included in the price (circuits costed as below). After any trial flight, from pure beginner, or following any initial training package, continuation training is priced at:

Flexwing Quik R:      £148.00            Skyranger Swift  £152.00         Ikarus C42  £158.00             Eurostar, EV-97    £166.00   


Note: we are at an airport which has fantastic advantages for the safety of training and the learning experience as a whole but we do get charged ‘circuit’ fees when we complete addition takeoffs and landings.  As of January 2018 the landing fee at Kemble was £10 for microlights and each subsequent circuit, which includes a touch and go on the runway, is £5.  We pass the circuit charges on to our students at a discounted rate.


Most students prefer to come for their lesson rain or shine. This gives you the opportunity to have a one-on-one session with your instructor on any of the ground school subjects. We’ve found that this has helped with making more rapid progress with your actual flying training. Long briefings for flight exercises and ground school is always available on an individual basis or as group lectures as published on the Club noticeboard.

Specific booked ground school - £35 per hour

When flying canceled due weather - £52.50 for the two hour booked slot.


Test fees (includes prep time, invigilation, immediate marking and discussion on any incorrect answers) - £32


We have rooms available and set up for RT training.  Each room has a  computer and they run a software simulation program on which you will be tested flying a route by our Examiner, John Hedges.  You will need practice on this pre test. Tuition on RT, both for the ground exam and the practical test is charged at the Ground School rates above.

RT final test - £85 If the RT license application is made at the same time as your NPPL license application the CAA fee of £70 is waived.


The GST is the General Skills Test and this is the final practical test you have to take to qualify for a license. The flying rarely takes more than 1hr 20 mins. A detailed document to help prepare you for the test is available in the Members area of the web site. There is a seperate test called a Ground Oral (GO) which is a test about your understanding of the particular aircraft you fly and it is largely based on the individual aircraft’s manual.

The Examiner fee for both the GST and GO including documentaion checking for your license application is £132.00.

Club membership

Student membership fee per annum - £40
Full Club membership fee per annum - £180
Associate Membership per annum (allows other pilots to use the facilities) - £62


A great trip for qualified pilots.  Take a flying tour around local airstrips for some exciting short field experience.

Click here to read about Martins Strip Flying Special.

Please call for a quotation.


Assessment - Half day, full 4 hours inc. the 1 hr flight, pre flight and post flight briefs, an FIC pre flight brief on one flight exercise, introduction to principles of teaching, mock AFI test and examination of any wrong answers - £270

Full day, as above plus further tuition on a chosen exercise and second flight with you in the right hand seat as the instructor! - £490

AFIC pre entry test - AFI pre-entry multiple choice test paper, flight test, examiner fee - £340

Full course (this is the required minimum based on 15 hours flight and 40 hours ground school) - £5,300

Instructor refresher training for lapsed instructors seems to work out around £325 per day with typically 1.5hrs flying plus briefings and an additional three hours ground briefing charge.

Full Instructor course detail on request to:

Become an ‘owner’ - save more money! The MLG.

Being a part of the Members Lease Group (MLG) scheme will enable you to continue flying when you have a licence.

To buy into the scheme for a year is £975 and this effectively gives you similar privileges as being an aircraft owner and buys you hourly flying from £66 wet (i.e. including fuel).  MLG Members also pay a monthly fee of £66 towards hangarage and landing. The annual Club Membership fee is included. You are also exempt from any other cost e.g. insurance and maintenance etc. and can fly any of the aircraft in which you have been check-flown at the same low hourly rate.  Duel check flying/training in any of our Members Lease Group aircraft is at a discounted rate. Full details of our Members Lease Group scheme and costs are available in the Members area of this web site or upon application.    Hourly charges wet (inc fuel) Quik R £66, Skyranger £68, Icarus C42 £72, EV-97 £79.

Please note:

  • All prices inclusive of VAT.

  • All charges include airport fees for take-off and landing.

  • Students starting regular training who will use the Club facilities must join the Flying Club.

  • Payment: we make no surcharge for the majority of credit card payments.

  • Intro and Pilot packages: we invite you to pay by credit card for your personal protection.

  • All charges may be subject to change without notice