Geoff Bates First Solo

Paramotor pilot Geoff Bates made his first solo flight in the QuikR before Christmas at Kemble - and yes it was nearly dark as can bee seen from the lights in the photograph below! Very many congratulations to Geoff who travels from near Hereford to fly here at Kemble Flying Club.

IMG_6568 Geoff.JPG

Geoff said he loves flying his paramotor but wanted to broaden his horizons and aviation knowledge and skills by taking on the challenge of flying a flexwing. Geoff flew three circuits after dy jumped out of the aircraft. David said: “I thought he did really well especially as there was a fair bit of other traffic about. Its really great we have all the lights on the QuikR so when it is a bit gloomy the aircraft is really visible. Given Geoff’s travel distance and a few weather let downs he has done really brilliantly to get solo in 16 hours. Well done!”